Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Post Christmas thoughts

Well it has certainly been a good Christmas this year....there have been

:: walks on a crisp Christmas morning on the Downs
:: lunches and laughs with friends
:: 2 Christmases with family (one more to come)
:: and of course Santa came with some little crafty treats for me, so here is little preview into what I'll be working on in the coming months


Santa brought me some beautifully soft alpacha and merino mix yarn
:: and a great crochet book to help me continue develop my skills

:: I've already had a quick go at a couple of the patterns already, the one on the left is obviously a classic Granny Square whilst the one on the right is a Croydon Square. My plan is to make another blanket with lots of different squares using my new yarn.
R bought me this fabulous quilting book along with a voucher to choose as much fabric as I need to make a quilt for our bed.
I'm really looking forward to getting started. My first quilt looks really cosy in the spare room so I'm excited to see what transformation will unfold with this quilt, but the colour selection is a daunting process...
do I go with something which will go with the current decor??
or take this as an opportunity to redecorate the room??
what should I choose as the acent colour???
should this match the walls ???
match the carpet???
red??? blue??? green??? neutrals???
oh I can see quite a lot of consideration needs to take place before I can get started on my pressie...
Poor R, I bet he thought he was buying a nice simple present which I will enjoy making (absolutely correct) and will keep me quiet whilst the World Cup is on this summer (it certainly will) without considering that this might actually mean re-painting the bedroom and could extend to new carpet and possibly curtains....oh dear!
I spent a few days with my Gran in Yorkshire over Christmas. I was sat having a nice cup of tea and flicking through my new crochet book making a pink 3 layered flower (which is now adorning Gran's windowsil) when Gran left me with a rather knowing look .... a few minutes later she returned with this box of knitting needles, there must be over 20 pairs of needles in this ancient chocolate box..... I can been assured that when I get round to starting to knit I will certainly have whatever size the pattern needs, she must have saved me a fortune....thank you
Well I am certainly excited about my craftiness in 2010... planned projects
crocheted blanket using my new book and new yarn
quilt for my bedroom
take up knitting
and of course my silver Jewellery making course in a couple of weeks
who knows what else....
its going to be a good year :o)

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