Monday, 21 December 2009

yummy chocolate treats

Christmas came a little early in my house as a very dear friend treated me to this crafty book.
There are some great ideas in here for all seasons which I am definitely going to be trying soon but I couldn't resist having a go at the Chocolate Salami - sounds a little dodgy I know, but stick with me here
Apparently Chocolate Salami is made with some of my favourite foods ever -
Amaretto - ummmmm alcoholic liquid marzipan
Amaretti biscuits - yum yum yum
as well as a few other treats
I'd really hate to think how many calories are in this

AND it is Christmas which is not only the season of good will but also the season of good food ... so actually what I am saying to you is that it would have been rude for me not to make and eat this ...

It tastes good too...pretty yummy actually... having consumed quite a bit of this R has very kindly offered to take the remainder into work tomorrow so I may still fit into my clothes in the coming days.
I am really quite concerned at just how easy this was to make, I imagine that the likes of Rocky Road are just as easy (and pretty tasty too) might have to limit myself to one chocolate concoction a month so as not to end up on a very strict diet by summer time

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  1. Do you love marzipan as much as I do?
    I would love to try the chocolate salami..I adore amaretto and the biscuits.


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