Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Stunning ever-so-chic washer necklace

Shattered from a day frolicking in the sun my little boy was fast asleep by 6pm on Saturday night.

2 free hours - what an unexpected treat

So I poured myself a large glass of wine, put the radio on and setup on the dining room table to create a necklace I'd pinned on Pinterest some time ago, I believe this tutorial was designed by Megan at Nestled blog


It's a really simple concept of ribbon and washers but love how taking 2 relatively ordinary items and then spending 5 minutes of wizardry suddenly produces something really quite chic.

All you need -
  • some metal washers - I got mine in a well known DIY store, £3.25 for a packet of 10, I used 2 packs.
  • About 1 metre ribbon - mine is 1cm wide and works perfectly with the 3/8" washers. I found this in the bargain bucket in my local curtain shop 2m for 79p
  • Needle / sewing machine and co-ordinating thread

I followed Megan's simple instructions and about 5 minutes of looping, threading and gently tugging - hey-presto - my washers were all threaded and looped onto the ribbon, looking rather fabulous, if I do say it myself....

You could definitely do the necklace with one pack of 10 washers, I pondered in front of the mirror debating adding more

I often suffer with overdoing crafty things - never mseem to know when to stop fiddling

I decided to go for more seen as I'd bought them anyway. Not sure about adding more than 20, it's quite a heavy piece

I was a bit concerned about using only a bow to fasten this, I've had bad experiences with necklaces tied in bows so wanted to make this fastening more secure.

With a full time job and a toddler I don't need anthing else to worry about

I've sewn the ends together as shown below - I allowed a 2cm overlap to machine zig zag then covered this by folding the ribbon over on itself and top stitching. I'm pretty certain this will hold even the strongest to toddler-tugs so I can be a worry free Mummy

Note - I struggled to get my machine to feed the ribbon with the pins in, hence the gap in the zig zag - just a warning incase you try this method.

So here is the finished necklace - rather proud of this, will be feeling pretty pleased with myself at work tomorrow

Costing less than £8 everyone can afford to be chic



Sunday, 26 May 2013

Fabric business card holder

Whilst I was so excited at my shiny new business cards I suddenly readlised I didn't have a business card holder


Rummaging through my bits and bobs draw I found some bits of felt (cheap thin felt, but felt all the same rummagers and be choosers!), a quick Pinterest search filled me with ideas and inspiration, here's the result - my new fabric business card holder


I'm a little concerned that it might stretch being felt, but maybe that will be good - might gradually manage to fit in more cards

Will be feeling very smart at Cybher on Saturday - well that is if the nerves step aside for 2 seconds. I'm a little scared, I don't really know anyone going, and there are going to be so many fabulous female bloggers there I'll basically be in awe


Saturday, 25 May 2013

ATC Swap update

Can't believe I've already finished my ATC, I'm not even due to post it for another week. So out if character not to be sliding quickly towards the deadline desperately stitching.

Here's a sneak peak at what I will be sending

Hope they like it...


Thursday, 23 May 2013

Kit Review - The Craft Closet Clutch Bag

I've finally finished my The Craft Closet clutch bag. This was one of the treats I bought at the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show.


To be honest I've had the stitching finished for a while, but in true Becca fashion I never got round to the final step. Inability to complete is not one of my best personality traits!

Here it is -

Now I just need somewhere to go....

cocktails anyone?

The kit was really well made, a cute brown box with everything wrapped in tissue inside. It made me feel like I really was opening something special, and it had everything you need - down to cute pink topped pins and 2 needles, the only element not included was fabric glue, thankfully I already had a tube.


The instructions were excellent, stepping through each element in a clear manner, there were photos to show some if the steps. I would have liked a few more photos as I've never created this type of bag before, but I read and reread the instructions few times which did the trick.

The thick tapestry wool meant the embroidery was therapeutically repeatitive whilst also building up quickly which played to my need for instant results well.

Really enjoyed the kit and I'd definitely recommend it, think it would made a great gift for a crafty friend

Now I'm off out with my new bag ;)


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Becca gets professional

So, I may have mentioned previously Monday-Friday 7.30am till 6ish I'm a city girl, I work for a major high street bank and do fancy things with change and projects, so my crafting is a completely different world. Some of my work colleagues know I like crafting but they have no idea I blog or to the extent I love to create, I don't hide it from them it just never really pops into's hard to squeeze patchwork into a conversation about profitability!

Anyway, I suppose the point I'm trying to make is I feel a little like Superman (or maybe Supermum), I have a but if an alter-ego!

Although I'd like to point out I don't have a Lycra suit on under my work clothes!

I've been attempting to blur the lines between these 2 important parts of my life recently, one step is to get professional business cards for my blog, especially as I'm hoping to meet some wonderful like minded people at the Cybher and BritMums blogging conferences next month (eek only next month).


Here they are - photos and design my me! Well I think they look great - the question is whether I will want to give any away?

Do you have blog business cards?

As I'm starting to get more involved in exchanges and such think it would be a nice tough to include one in the parcel.




Sunday, 12 May 2013

Tackling the Apron bulge! #SpecialK30

I've always watched the SpecialK ads on TV thinking they offer a rather too good to be true, there was the wonderful pinch an inch ads in the 80's, the drop a dress size in 2 weeks offers and the most recent red dress and swimsuit ads. I've been memorised by their claims for 30 years, so when they offered to send me a box to try I jumped at the opportunity.

SpecialK has been around for 30 years! Wow....well I've certainly changed a little in 30 years, so I guess it's only right that the cereal has developed too.

In 1984 I was 4, with pigtails and a cheeky grin I used to rock to Eddie Grant's Electric Avenue - this was my first album....honestly my parents were cool enough to buy me a vinyl when I was 4. I loved it - here he is rocking a rather fetching 80s sporting ensemble -

it was only relatively recently I discovered Electric Avenue is a real street in Brixton, London

I was into My Little Pony, Cindy (there was no Barbie in our house! It's a running joking in my family that I was deprived as I didnt have Barbie!)


The past 30 years have been good to me. I'm married, have a beautiful home in Hampshire, a good job and of course a rather wonderful 2.5year old little boy

Now to the cereal. This was my first venture into SpecialK. Wow I've been missing out all these years. It's yummy, and low fat. And let's face it after the baby comment when I wore my apron recently, low fat high flavour is the way I need to go!

Well the best recommendation I can give is my shopping basket this morning, treated myself to 3 more varieties to try. Wish me luck in fighting the pounds, and enjoying myself as I go

Post in association with - BritMums/Special K “How I’ve changed Linky challenge”




My bank holiday weekend - new pink apron

It was uncharacteristically hot here in Hampshire, England last weekend. Especially as it was a Bank Holiday, three days of glorious weather was almost more the us Brits could cope with.

Whilst most people were out enjoying the weather I was working. My super clever husband runs a garden centre and needed an extra pair of hands, so we enlisted our rather wonderful niece to look after our little man whilst I went to work. I actually had a blast for my 3 day weekend (don't tell husband that though or he'll get ideas about more regular free labour!)

I spotted a vintage apron pattern on Samantha and Heather's lovely blog Live it, Love it, Make it a little while ago

I'd been looking for an excuse to make it

So I spent the 2 evenings before my working weekend reading and re-reading the instructions, measuring, cutting, pinning and sewing. The apron came together quite quickly really. Was pleased with that as I hadn't left much time!

So here I am modelling my new apron by the bedding plants

I had to laugh when I opened a pallet of sacks of compost about 30mins after the shop opened for the day, and got covered in a lake of muddy rain water, but at least I was dry underneath, that's the whole point of an apron, right?


Wasn't laughing too much later that day when a lady wished me luck with the baby! And the following day when a different lady said I shouldnt help her lift her pots into her car incase I damaged m back whilst glancing at my stomach. I know I've put a few pounds on, but really!

Will be thinking hard before wearing it again.

I'm due to help out this coming weekend too, will let you know if I brave the apron, and if I get any comments about new additions to the family.

Just to clarify I'm not pregnant!


Saturday, 11 May 2013

Trying something new - ATC swap

I read a fair few blogs, constantly adding more and more to my Bloglovin account (think there must be 150-200 on my list!). I'd love to tell you I read them all word for word religiously (like I expect you do with my blog!), but I don't. I flit in and out reading bits and bobs that interest me and leaving as many comments as I can.

Unfortunately this ad hoc method means I often miss out :(

Too many times I read a lovely post about a swap which I have missed and I'm always disappointed to have missed out. Well I've been looking out for swaps desperate not to miss out on the party again.

So when I spotted this ATC swap on VeryBerryHandmade I signed up, just as soon as I'd googled ATC to check what I was signing up to! Artist Trading Card don't you know!

So I have my partner (I can't tell you who it is though as its secret for the time being)


I've started to think about my design, it's tricky though as the card is only 2.5"x3.5" tiny really

Here's a sneak peak...

We are to post our cards first week of June, will share my final design with you then :)


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Amigurumi - strawberry-tastic

Life has been quite busy here, it's been a glorious bank holiday weekend here in the UK and life has taken over my crafting and blogging. Here is a crutch up on what I was up to last week, I'll up date you on my weekend soon.

I've been wanting to master amigurumi for a while, I've been an avid reader an follower of the wonderful creations of Stephanie at All About Ami. I was inspired to have a go, but to be honest my previous attempts had not gone well so I was a little nervous.

To counter my previous experience I decided to start simple...a basic shape and the finish (often messy in my previous attempts) hidden by the strawberry leaf, genius!

Finished with a few tiny beads here I my amigurumi strawberry -

So amigurumi isn't quite as scary as I'd first thought


Will share my amigurumi strawberry pattern soon, want to make a punnets worth, they are so cute and my son is already playing with this one along with his other play food


Happy crocheting