Sunday, 15 November 2009

..a Finished Quilt / Bedspread

I have finally finished the quilted bedspread. It was certainly a lot of work all that tacking, machine stitching and then unpicking the tacking took its time but I'm really pleased with the results. I used a duvet cover, stuffed this, stitched the edges closed and then quilted on top rather than stitching together lots of smaller peices of fabric, this is certainly a simpler way of producing a quilt and I like the results

I decided to do the stitching in duck-egg blue, thought it really complemented the white fabric of the quilt whilst being quite subtel.

The room I've put this in is purple at the moment (thanks previous owner!!) but hoping to put a lick of paint on this fairly soon to make it a little more neutral to go with the fancy new bedding. Watch out for my next project where I'll attempt a quilt with the more traditional smaller pieces of fabric

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  1. It looks lovely! You must have spent many hours doing work both by hand and machine but I'm sure it was worth it, as the result shows.


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