Sunday, 30 December 2012

Well Hello Again....

How are you? 

It's been a while

I hope you're well, and had a great Christmas. 

Its been well over a year since my last post, life just got way too busy and something had to give...unsurprisingly it was the part of my life which didn't pay the bills or ensure everyone was entertained which took a back step, but I've been missing my little blog more and more over the past few months and after careful consideration I'm back. 

Life has changed a little since we last spoke, my little man in now 2 years old and quite the character and we have moved house. We've moved to Hampshire, a lovely part of England, into a beautiful house which had been carefully decorated by the previous owners in various shades of bland. I aim to share the stages of change with you as we complete them - with one room stripped of cream flowerly paper this morning the re-invention has already taken its first step

I'm not going to promise daily essays but I do hope to share the crafts I have on the go and those which I have planned as well as pointing you to interesting things I have found on the web I think you will like too.

Here are a few teasers as to what I have in my craft basket at the moment 

Love to hear from anyone out there and to know what you are up leave me a comment to say hi

Ta ta for now, I'll be back very soon x