I love a kit and a craft class

I know kits are a little bit of a cheat in the craft world, but I do enjoy creating with the knowledge that the output is tried and tested and to some extent guaranteed - or at least its my own skills at fault if it looks wrong!

Sometimes we all just need a little guidance and I find classes can be wonderful but I don't always have the time and I like to think of a kit being a bit like a DIY class.

I buy kits and receive them as gifts on a regular basis so wanted to use this page as a library which I hope you will find useful.

Let me know if you have tried these, and what you thought

If you would like me to review your kit please contact me at becca_lou[at]rocketmail[dot]com

The Craft Closet Clutch Bag

Hooked Zpagetti Bag Kit

--------- More to come ----------

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