Sunday, 13 December 2009

Christmas Garland

Having discovered Royal Sister's star and heart patterns on Friday lunch time at work I just about managed to stay focused and resited fashioning a crochet hook out of a pencil and unwinding my colleague's jumper, don't think I would have been very popular. I did have a go as soon as I got home though, Friday night with a glass of wine, chocolate and a crochet hook, Rock'n'Roll!!!

These are uper easy to make, couldn't have taken more than 10 minutes each and are definitely train friendly so think I might have a large collection by the end of this week.

My mini garland so far...

Think they have come out really well, I've already given one of the stars away as a Christmas decoration, think a few more might be donated to trees around Surrey and London, and of course my tree will be suitably adorned. In fact might have to get a bigger tree soon if I keep making and receiving new decorations for it, like the cute knitted Christmas Pudding, and crisp white snowflake

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