Saturday, 2 January 2010

Quilt Fabric

Firstly Happy New Year to all.....Hope you had a good evening I certainly had a great night with some good friends....and best wishes for 2010

So, like a child with a new toy I was desperate to start quilting sooo I took my new quilting book and Christmas vouchers to the lovely local quilting shop this afternoon and had a long mooch round. I've decided to try the pattern below first, think this looks fairly beginner-friendly as there don't look to be too many scary stitches for me to measure and sew wrong. I'd love to have a go at one of the complex ones with lots of triangles but currently appreciate my novice skills so will be a little while before I'm attempting anything more complex than rectangles and squares.

So the the next challenge was to choose the colours. I was litterally in awe of the range of fabrics available. There was every shade and pattern type available from classic spots and stripes to cute teddies and even more modern abstracts in some alarming citrus shades.

I managed to take a brave step away from my comfort-zone of neutrals and purchased a rather patriotic red, white and blue jellyroll and some bright red for for the edging on the top. I'm sure this will brighten up any room.

I didn't choose the binding, stuffing or backing, I clearly had my "Beginner" badge on as the assistant assured me this would be more than enough to keep me busy for a while and I should head back in a few weeks to choose these fabrics.

I'm really excited to get started on this, so I'm looking forward to an evening of sewing bits of fabric together and pressing the seems (everyone tells me this is critical) very very soon.

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