Monday, 31 May 2010

A is for....

Thank you for all the kind words.....I've obviously know about the little one for a while know so have been buzzing away getting bits'n'bobs done so I'm pleased to be able to share some of this with you now.

I got a little excited about bump at the Stitch and Craft show in April and bought various kits and patterns which I will share over time as I make them up.

I started with the item which I thought required the most craft-hours...and boy was I right so far. Its a cross-stitch sampler, a classic design from the Historical Sampler Company

Here's the first letter....

It's an interesting choice of picture for A, think I would have gone with a traditional "Apple" but hey looks like my little one will be learning a wide vocab from an early age...

I think I've mentioned before that my Grandma was a big cross-stitcher and I've still got the sampler she made me for my birth so I wanted to do something for my little one. I'm still learning about about the craziness I can expect when bump arrives so am attempting to do all the work now so that only the name, date and framing are left to do.

Friday, 28 May 2010

A little bit of news

As you’ve probably noticed I’ve taken a step back from blogging in the last couple of weeks I’ve simply not been able to focus my mind away from the huge voice shouting at the back of my head……and I haven’t been ready to share with you until now….

I’m absolutely thrilled to tell you that I’m pregnant….am now 21 weeks and have quite a bump, ooh its so exciting.

My mind has been racing with bloomers, cot quilts, softie toys, nappy bags, crocheted blankets, and lots more things I simply can’t wait to start making but I’ve been holding off until I was a little further along…..I’ve got books, material and all sorts ready to go and have sooo much blogging material stacked up that expect an influx of posts now I'm public online.

I’ve honestly been bursting to tell you and wanting to blog about it for ages but also been cautious to keep quiet until it was the right time, and having just had my second scan, which we both passed with flying colours, now is the right time.

So our new arrival is due at the beginning of October I’m looking forward to a summer of making goodies and remodelling the spare room into some sort of nursery.

So happy to have shared this with you…. Have a great weekend....I'm off to Amsterdam for a good friend's Hen Party (alcohol-free champagne for me)


Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A Fabric Sandwich

I have finally got back to the Quilt Room in Dorking to get the backing fabric for the quilt I started at New Year.

I clearly looked a little clueless in the store as the lovely assistant spent about an hour explaining the backing fabric I'd need, how to attach it and the array of quilting options (machine and hand) which were available to me.

I left the store with all sorts of quilting pencils, markers, threads and fabrics and am pleased to tell you my quilt is now sandwiched together, pinned to within an inch of its life and partically stitched....might even have it finished in time for winter at this rate

Sunday, 9 May 2010

My weekend in pictures

There has been an invasion in London....yes all over London there are reports of multi-coloured elephants....

Over 250 elephants have been installed on London's streets, parks and shops to campaign for the conservation of the Asian elephant. Brilliant for kids young and old, if you are in London thoroughly recommend hunting some of these fellas down.

You can find out more and a map of where they are here

Elephant trekking is hungry work.....mmmmm cake......

There was a spot of crafting too.....
Hope you had a good weekend

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Technology Failure

I'm a little disgruntled writing to you this Saturday afternoon....I wrote a heart felt post this morning over breakfast on my iPhone Blog App about the link I'm finding between my mood and the craft tools I choose, whilst R was engrossed in the Saturday papers and no doubt the latest wrangling between our potential Prime Ministers.

Was just checking a few bits on the laptop and puff its disappeared...I'd heard that other people had had problems with the iPhone BlogPressLite App but didnt think it would do this to me right now...grrr

It was one of those right place and time blog moments...

Silly how much we rely on these gadgets...I guess I shouldn't be cross, it's a handheld electronic gismo which cost less than £150, in fact I think the App was free, has let me down. But as we move from pen and paper to electronics we just expect things to work all the time and every time.