Monday, 31 March 2014

Meet Mogo

I took part in my very own Great British Sewing Bee-esque Creation Challenge this month as I took part in the Hillary's Blinds Country Crafts competition.

A beautiful piece of fabric arrived in the post and the challenge was to create what ever we wanted.... Crickey being creative is quite difficult when you have a completely blank piece of paper. I'm used to being creative but I usually have an idea of at least what shape or use the final object will have, but this time the possibilities were endless, crumbs!

I pondered for some time and decided on a rather cute clutch bag which would double as a padded iPad case. I even solved the ever annoying tangled headphones issue by putting a small zipped pocked disguised as a bow on the front which would be just big enough for head phones alone to fit with no jiggle space. With the dimensions calculated and rough design drawn I was ready to cut and sew, but then my little 3 year old son got ill.

He had chicken pox and suddenly my new clutch / iPad case (and actually the competition) was totally unimportant.

Whilst he napped on the sofa during his millionth viewing of Toy Story 3 I had an idea...
My son is spotty...
My fabric is spotty...
I should make my son a spotty friend.

So my new clutch / iPad case was set aside and I found a pattern for a teddy bear instead.

Et voila

Meet Mogo

"He has spots on his tummy just like me Mummy" my son chirped when he met him "his name is Mogo, Mummy"
Firm friends in their joint spottiness, Mogo has been everywhere with us...
Trips in the car...

 Supermarket shopping...
Milkshake treats (he really likes butterscotch apparently)...

And he's even been treated to a sofa snooze under the duvet whilst watching Toy Story 3!

For me this was the perfect use of the Hillary's Country Craft fabric and I look forward to Mogo joining us on many more days out.

Thank you to Hillary's for sending me the perfect fabric to put a smile on my son's face xx


  1. What an absolutely adorable little bear. Definitely the perfect make with the spotty fabric. I'm sure your little son must adore his new spotty friend but I do hope he himself is not so spotty any more and recovered from his chickenpox.

  2. Love it! What a fab idea. How's Lil Man now after the chx? Are you going to the Kirsty craft show thing? B x

  3. Awwww he's so cute! I totally want one!!!


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