Saturday, 5 December 2009

Meet Snowie

As the cold dark nights draw in I have been in long running negotiations with R, my husband, as to when the Christmas tree should go up. I always vote for 1st December (there is no point even suggesting a month with a "N" in it), but R prefers to wait as long as possible. Like most people, our Christmas decorations are securely stored in the loft for most of the year and without an installed loft ladder the process of getting them out involves carrying a ladder from the garage through the house and up the stairs to the loft hatch and then climbing into the loft, most definitely man's work.

We have now agreed that tomorrow will be the big Christmas tree day (I'm very excited), however, I have managed to wait this long for the tree to go up as I have been sneakily making the occassional Christmas decoration over the past week.
I started by creating this little bag to store the chocolate coins which somehow fell into my shopping basket in the supermarket last week. Strangely there don't seem to be as many left as shown in this photo....looks like I'll have to find some more soon
... and then went on to create Snowie the Snowman yesterday evening. Not bad for my first attempt at a 3D crocheted item. He looks quite sad all on his own on the mantel peice, there is only one thing for it I will have to create Snowie a wife and maybe a full Snowman (should that be Snowperson ??) family

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