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Hexagon Patchwork iPad Mini Case Tutorial

My Mum recently bought herself an iPad mini, think she was feeling left out as Me, Hubby and Dad all had one and she wanted to know what all the fuss was about. Well a couple of months in and she is completely addicted and asked me to make her a case so it could go everywhere with her. I'm loving Hexagon Patchwork at the moment so set about making an iPad Mini case using the paper piecing technique

Hexagon Patchwork iPad Mini Case

I always find estimating the final measurements of a hexagon patchwork a bit mysterious, so thought I'd share this method with you so you can make one knowing it will fit, this is snug on the iPad Mini with the Apple Smart Case on the front. If you had a bigger case I would propose making the hexagons slightly larger.

You will need

  • 2 1/8" or 5.5cm Hexagon Template - I used the smaller pink template from this clover pack patchwork templates pack
  • Cotton patchwork fabric to make 27 hexagons
  • Batting
  • Cotton to line
  • 1 button
  • a small piece of ribbon

How to...

1. Start by cutting 27 paper hexagons using the inside of the template, and 27 fabric hexagons using the outside of the template. Folding the fabric over the edge of the paper template create 27 paper pieced hexagons 

Stack of modern fabric patchwork hexagons

fabric patchwork hexies

2. Lay your hexagons out in a rough pattern and stitch together into a final shape as below - 4 rows of 6 and 1 row of 3

Then to create the pocket for the iPad fold in half and stitch the edges together from A to B keeping the right sides together 

fabric patchwork hexies ready to stitch into iPad Case

You will get a tube like structure open at both ends with the 3 hexagons on the bottom row not yet stitched closed

iPad Mini case - Patchwork

3. To create the bottom of the case fold the 3 hexagons in half stitching the sides to themselves and the zig zag edge to the other side of the tube 

iPad Mini case - Patchwork

iPad Mini case - Patchwork

4. Now remove all the paper and tacking stitches, this is my favourite part of the process as you are almost finished and it feels like you are removing the workings to reveal the finished item.

Turn the case right side out making sure you push out the bottom corners so they are sharp. 

Nearly there now....

5. Making the lining. Measure your case, mine was 6 1/4 " wide by 8 1/2" long. 

Measure lining and batting to be 1/4 narrower and 2 x length + 1" longer  - mine was 6" x 18"

Place the lining fabric on top of the batting and fold length ways  so the lining is right sides together inside a batting sandwich. Stitch the sides close to the edge (give your fingers a rest and whizz this on the sewing machine!)

iPad case lining

5. Wriggle your lining inside the hexagon patchwork outer shell and poke right into the corners

Attach a button to the front of the case and a ribbon to the batting in the back (the stitching will be hidden when the case is stitched closed if you attach to the batting). The ribbon will act as a loop to close the case and secure your iPad inside. 

6. Trim the batting to the the exact same size as the outer shell and trim the lining to be approximately 1/4" longer.

Patchwork iPad Case

Now for the final step... 

7. Fold the lining over the batting and stitch to the edge of the hexagon patchwork outer case, folding over at the peaks and snipping into the troughs so you get a sharp neat finish

Hexies Patchwork iPad Case

Hexies Patchwork iPad Mini Case

Well Done - You have made your own hexagon patchwork iPad mini case.

Do let me know if you use this tutorial to make one for yourself, I'd love to see your creations

Thanks x


  1. Love this case and fabulous tutorial! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely, this I will have to make,thank you for the tutorial. Doti.

  3. Wow, I so admire all of you who are happily EPP enough hexies to make something with them (it's not my favourite pastime!). This is do delicate - I love your fabric choices :)

  4. Great use of hexagons... thanks for the tutorial.

  5. Hi just popping in from New to Me for July. I love the colours you used for this case and the fabrics are beautiful. A great make.

  6. Hexie Love! Thanks for sharing this tut!

  7. This is beautiful!!! I hope you don't mind, but I've pinned for future reference. One day I'd like to learn how to sew hexagons together. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. Found you via Celtic Thistle Stitches

  8. That is gorgeous - I really must get round to having a go at paper piecing as the results look really good!


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