Sunday, 13 December 2009

Winter Wedding Accessories

R and I are off to a winter wedding next Saturday, ah brings back memories of our big day, I wonder how the Bride and Groom are doing at the moment??? I always like to imagine that the Bride and Groom are totally chilled out and blissfully going about their pre-wedding businesses the dreaming about the I Do's but realistically they are probably running round checking that the flowers are all on order and whether the batty Aunt is actually coming or why the cousins from Oz haven't booked themselves into a hotel etc etc etc It's never as blissful a time as it really should be....

After A LOT of searching I have finally found an outfit for the big day, there is so much black in the stores at the moment it's really depressing and I don't want to look like I am off to a funeral so have finally managed to find something suitably bright and happy which is also going to keep me warm in church on the 19th December (brrrrrrrrrr). But there are simply no wedding guest accessories available, I remember there were loads around in the summer, maybe all the accessories shops assume there aren't any weddings in the winter, I can tell you they are wrong!

Well, this gives me the perfect opportunity to have a little experiment...I want something sparkly (it is Christmas afterall) but simple for my hair, something like these pictures I found online...

I bought a silver hairband, some beads and felt and dug out my beading needle and thread. I'm not a great artist and my free hand drawing leaves much to be desired so for safety's sake I developed a simple design on my 'pooter and pinned this to the back of the fabric so I wouldn't go too wrong.

I then set about beading the right side of the fabric keeping to the pattern in part and also going bit free-style in places. It only took me a couple of evenings to stitch all these beads on individually and then glue on another peice of felt to the back with the hairband in the middle. I LOVE IT

I can't express to you how proud I am of this....I almost want to wear a little badge that says I made this with an arrow to my head...although I suppose I might get some rather strange looks.

I need to try out the wear-ability of this to make sure I don't end up with a falling-apart hairband half way through the Wedding Breakfast so will be trial-running this over a couple of pre-Christmas drinks and dinner events this week....wish me luck


  1. I look forward to seeing this headband. It looks very professional and every bit as good, if not better than one you might have bought.

  2. Having seen headband in real life it's amazing, better than the photo here!
    Definitely of saleable quality. Keep up the excellent work!

  3. Thanks Ladies, as you know I'm uber-proud of this and have just about managed to resist from going up to strangers and telling them that this is my handiwork.


  4. I totally understand your pride. It's terrific. Well done. Now, just make sure you don't outshine that bride, ok!

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