Monday, 22 March 2010

Ode to my black fingers

I buy houseplants with hopes for

bright petals, perfume smells and so much more

Yet once reaching the threshold between the inside and out

my husband and I begin to doubt

Will it last the night? will it last the day?

it simply doesnt matter how much attention I pay

to the instructions, the water, the sunlight or care

it really doesnt matter where I dare

to place my new purchase within my home

I know too soon I'll be home to a groan

I dont know exactly what i do wrong

it doesnt seem to matter as they never last long

My latest plant lasted less than a day

I really dont know what I should say

If I plant outside they at least have a chance

as Mother Nature does her own little dance

but I think my windows must keep her out

as inside there really is no doubt

that I'm running a service which can kill any plant

my black fingers are getting me down, maybe I can get a green finger transplant?


  1. My hyacinths are just the same.
    There is no need for blame
    Its the weight of the flowers that pull them down.
    And the power of gravity that is making you frown.
    Insert a stick into the soil and tie it up with string
    Before you know, it will look like spring.

  2. Ahhh thanks for the tip. My hyacinths are now tied up with green yarn and tent pegs, not quite the pretty plant I had envisaged but at least they arent trailing on my coffee table any more.

  3. Haha I love your words! But really hyacinths look
    lovely and they grew perfectly- just in need of something to lean on, I know that feeling! X


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