Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A stitch in time...

As I've mentioned I've been feeling a little under the weather of late and lacking the inspiration or motivation to pick up any type of needle or hook and create something which only a short time ago gave me so much pleasure. So to give me the little push I needed a dear friend treated me to this book of lovey embroidery patterns

There are such wonderful ideas in this book I've made a start on one of the patterns but, being me, I've already got plans to customise the design...

dont worry, it isnt finished yet.


  1. curious what its going to be - looks like a little and large computer

  2. Hmmm computers....I can see that but nope not right....I've almost finished these 2 and would be a dead give-away if I showed you now....

    here's a hint...there will be 4 in a line :o)

  3. That book looks like something I'd love to browse through.

    Now I feel like I should guess what they are from the previous comments...chairs as seen from above? Or maybe vanity mirrors. I'm a terrible guesser.


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