Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Stitch and Craft Show

Well I can honestly say that the Stitch and Craft Show was a fabulous way to spend a Saturday. Becki and I had a great time, we arrived at 10am when it opened and were practically ushered out by the stewards at 5pm as it closed, and I have absolutely no idea where the time went in-between.

It was definitely a certain type of lady who attended the event, not entirely sure we fitted into the demographic but definitely made some friends. I love how crafty people can just chit-chat, something we are not used to here in London where we are well trained to have our heads down and not make eye-contact at all costs.

The deomgraphic extended to gender too and It's probably for the best that R did make up an excuse not to join me, I think I counted only a handful of loyal husbands at the event and they didnt exactly look like they were having the time of their life if you know what I'm saying. Bless them, I hope they got to watch the England rugby match yesterdy evening as part of the deal.
Workshops and Classes
In the morning we treated ourselves to a couple of classes. There was alsorts to choose from; crocheted beasties (Becki made a cute caterpillar in this class with crochet and beads), card making, jewellery, embroidery ... something for everyone really.
We both did a quick jewellery workshop and made a braclet with magnetic beads which is really fun to play with
And I had a go at Blackwork or Hardanger embroidery and here is the result. I do need to finish the final 4th daffodill and then I will make this into a pin cushion. Not bad really, but as this is only backstitch I think anyone who had nevery picked up a needle could have done this really easily

The show had a few main themes;
1. Paper crafting and Card making - I haven't tried this and whilst it does look like it would be fun I've got enough trouble fitting in the crafts I'm already passionate about so passed these stands by, maybe next year???
2. Jewellery Making with Beads - oh these are very dangerous stalls. You get drawn in by the thought that these are only small beads and look they are 30p each....hmmm I know all too well how those 30pences add up and all of a sudden you are handing £20 over to the cashier. Well I stayed away this time. I had a small jewellery business as a teenager and made quite a bit of cash selling at craft fairs in Northumberland...I really must tell you all about this at some point.
3. Yarn and Knitting - there were literally mountains of yarn, some very strange multicoloured items and other very expensive rare skeins which were lovely to look through and touch but I think R might give me a cheeky remark if I returned home with yarn, something along the lines of "So, when are we opening the yarn shop?" I would imagine. So no yarn for me
4. Sewing - oh yes this is where I spent the majority of my time (and money). There were peices from across the entire spectrum from sewing machines and rolls of silk to books to cross stitch charts and of course threads.
You've probably noticed that I've moved away from my crochet hook for a little while now, I cant really explain why, I've just been really loving my embroidery so have been focusing on this. I guess my preferences might be changing with the seasons, but this did mean that I focused all my spending in one area....embroidery ...
Sooooo Cute....
I found this wonderful stall with lovely enthusiastic people who were selling really adorable iron on embroidery designs. The company is called Lazy May and I had a really hard job deciding which to buy as I honestly could have come home with all the designs. I bought 3 packs and have found their website so might be indulging a little more

Stocking up on the basics...
I also bought a couple of cross stitch charts for a sampler and for a Christmas cushion, some funky coloured cross-stich material and a large handful of threads

Oh and a few bits I'm not telling you about .... you will have to wait and see how they turn out...will show you the finished article

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