Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt: June

I mentioned previously that I'd discovered Kathy at Postcards from the PP was running a Photo Scavenger Hunt and I was planning to participate this month

Kathy set us quite a challenging list in June and I'm sorry to admit that I haven't fulfilled all my photo finding obligations. Some of the categories were just too hard so I'll admit failure before we start but promise to try harder next month!

Something with your town's name on it
I live in Epsom, Surrey, England.
This category should have been super-duper easy. The TV cameras arrived in early June ready for the famous Epsom Derby (a house race for those of you who don't know).
Epsom is transformed for 2 days a year from a cosy commuter town nestled between the London suburbs and the rolling countryside into a crazy cosmopolitan metropolis*. I trotted into the centre of Epsom on Derby day with my camera ready to snap snap snap. But this year it was as if the recession had hit all the festivities, or I totally missed them.
So the closest I've got to showing you Derby fever Epsom-style is a road sign, how frustrating.

An elephant
This is one of my son's little friends who was found trundling through the garden bushes in search of a waterhole to quench his thirst in the mid-summer sun.

Architectural design
Another Epsom shot. The clock tower in the market square. I love this building.

Doh - I meant to take this shot last night, we had Gruyère and leek tart. I even planned the menu for the week so I could take the shot and now its all gone (yes it was really quite tasty). Disappointing. Again I apologise.

Tree branches

A farm animal
Oh the velvety ears look sooooo soft

Something beginning with z...
This is the last box on the Sampler I made for my son's birth, it now hangs in his bedroom

The view right outside my front door
Yes my house is a little strange, we don't step out onto a road. We are hidden away between the houses. It really does feel like I've stepped into my own little world when I close the gate, no one can see me and people regularly can't find me! Mowa-ha-ha-ha

Looking forward to July's challenge.. I think my report card for this month would state "7/12 Rebecca should try harder"

* potential for slight exaggeration here!


  1. Scavenging is great fun, sometimes it is hard to get all the photos but so far, I've managed every month, just!

    I love the tree branches! What a shame you forgot to photograph the cheese. I'll come back next month to see what you get for July!


  2. Hi Becca - a while back you commented on my blog about a cross stitch (the How Does your Garden Grow) - I replied, but you were set to no-reply so it bounced and I never got around to doing anything else about it... Anyway. After some delay, here I am again, lol. The pattern is by the Historical Sampler Company (they're English) but if you just wanted to have the pattern (no canvas and just the leftover threads) I'd be happy to pop it into the post to you - I won't stitch it again. Let me know (almost seems a shame to post it as you are just down the road from me - I'm in New Malden!)

  3. I enjoyed your 7 out of 12 anyway! The elephant is so cute and you've got the best tree branches so far!!!

  4. Love that cute "ellie"! The color is wonderful! And I, too...love those tree branches! And what a wonderful view outside your door! Very pretty! Annette

  5. Love your cross-stitching and your little goat! You did great!

  6. Anything between 1 and 12 qualifies! I would love to have such a view outside my door. Alas...when the Amish buggy is not there (which is everyday except one...see my blog) I see just another house front and the back yard of another.

    Be careful of those elephants...sure they're cute when they're little, but they make a mess in the yard as they get bigger.

  7. Great pictures - love the cute elephant! Welcome to the Hunt, by the way, I warn you it is addictive.

  8. hi becca-lou, loved seeing your pics, as I lived in west ewell for 20 years until 2008, and remember derby fever well, even went up there one year (once was enough). looking forward to seeing next months shots and hopefully more of epsom,
    joy xx

  9. What a great place to live! There is something lovely about having your own space. I had to use our back garden as from the front you can only see the house opposite and they might have wondered what I was up to!
    ps - i might have 12 but 2 are so bad they don't count...!

  10. Great photos. That elephant is so cute!

  11. Some months are definitely easier than others! It's good fun though. I've managed to get some shots the first day and others just a few hours before I blog!
    The view outside your door is lovely with the lavender.
    Good luck for July.
    Lisa x

  12. 7/12 better than 0/12 - at least you tried.

  13. Oh the elephant is so cute. I remember the clock tower. My aunt used to live at Ewell West and we would often go to Epsom. I must try and get back to Ewell, want to show my daughter the spaceship.

    Well done on your photos.



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