Monday, 15 March 2010

Boeuf bourguignon critique

I would have taken a quick photo but by the time the BB came out of the oven I was so hungry there was no chance of getting out the camera before a fork.

But I'm pleased to say the BB was a success, whilst I'm still a little dubious at the 3 hour oven time + browning + simmering (surely there is a quicker method?) it certainly passed the taste test and there is another generous meal for two in the freezer, oh happy days. Thank you Julia Child for sharing your knowledge.


  1. I made the BB too as soon as I got my book! I also made the choux puffs - disaster first time, perfect second time round!

  2. What next Becca Lou? Her lobster or the duck?? x

  3. Good to know that it tasted good. I wonder if a slow-cooker would make a good approximation...Julia is probably rolling in her grave that I even thought that but 3 hours is a little long.

  4. Sarah - the anything choux has always scared me a little....I will have to have a go at them though and get over my fear...thanks for sharing that yours werent perfect first time....I wont feel like quite such a failure when they come out flat. watch this space

    Fashiononthecouch - I will hold my hands up and admit to being a huge hypocrite at this point, whilst I consider myself to be a good eater I simply cant see something alive and put a death sentence on it. Hypocrite / wimp call it what you will I will be staying clear of the lobster, and the duck looks way out of my skill set right now...maybe towards the end of the year if I keep practicing, or maybe I can convince the man on Waitrose meat counter to do it for me....would that be cheating?

    Marilyn - just the thought of putting Julia's carefully prepared BB in the slow-cooked has made me smile. I wonder what she would say about the whole thing?? but in practical terms love the idea, could prep in morning and a beautiful BB is ready when I walk in from there's a thought


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