Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Mystery Stitching Update

So you thought 'pooters, you thought chairs...nope sorry they're Russian Dolls....

well they are almost Russian Dolls. My problem is that I've actually run out of the red yarn....You can only imagine how frustrated I'm feeling, especially as I'm normally really organised and I write the dye number on the spool, not this time. Not really sure why I didnt but this is going to make the sourcing somewhat more challenging.

Wish me luck....am off on the hunt this week. I dont even want to contemplate the situation that I cant get an exact match


  1. I have the same book! I'm also currently working my way through all of the lovely patterns!! Keen to do the russian dolls. I've stitched hearts and sewing notions so far! JL has big selection of thread.

  2. Sarah - went to JL Oxford St at lunch today and their store had been depleated, there were only a few sorry skeins hanging on their ordered hooks. Will try Kingston at the weekend ...fingers crossed

  3. I never ever would of guessed Babushka Dolls! I hope you find the thread. That's happened to me too. Very irritating.


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