Thursday, 21 January 2010

Silver Jewellery Course - Class #1

I'm on my way home from a great evening of learning the first stages of making silver jewellery, and I'm so proud to have my finger adorned with my very own handiwork as I type this to you.

The silver before I started playing with was all pretty and shiny I was tempted to leave it alone....

After blow torching....cooling......acid dunking the pretty silver to within an inch of its life it was apparently soft (felt like hard metal to me....but hey I'm the student...we got to choose a pattern to imprint on the metal...but which pattern to choose?

think it looks quite good really...

Almost there ... if anyone is wondering....yes bending metal is tough

And here it is... my chunky ring, loving it

There were 5 beginners in the class but thankfully Liz, our teacher, was patient and able to give us the attention we each needed. Think we have all gone home pretty chuffed, now I just need to plan an outfit for work tomorrow which will compliment and show off my new piece....

...and of course how to crowbar into conversations my ring and "oh like it? Oh I made this" hee hee hee
All suggestions welcome

Next week we are soldering...

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  1. Love the progress photos through your lesson, and the pattern you chose. Can't wait to see it in real life!


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