Wednesday, 6 January 2010

iPhone Case

When my mobile phone contract ended recently, there was no question what I would be getting, I have practically been counting down the days till I could get a shiny new iPhone.

However, i wonder if i am alone in my insane attempts to keep any new phone clean and scratch-free. It usually turns into a bit of an obsession, searching all the options on the high-street and online for the perfect case for my loved new gadget.

The problem is it's impossible to find the perfect case as they are all either

too bulky
too girlie
too boring
too loud
etc etc etc....

Well basically I fail everytime and end up with a scratched phone. This time I decided I wouldn't be beaten... I decided to make my own.

I bought this beautiful silk yarn a few weeks ago and thought the colours would make a nice sophisticated mix in a case.

Armed with my crochet hook i quickly wiped up a case which fitted snuggly without adding too much bulk, unfortunately the yarn has worked together into a camoflauge effect, not exactly the sophisticated "girl-about-town" look I was after so back to the yarn shop for me, but R is very pleased with his new phone case!!! And has 'helpfully' suggested some enhancments for the next version like a gap for the screen, he is over estimating my skill level somewhat here!!!!

Here's a sneaky peek at something else I'm working on, hoping it will take more shape soon

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  1. Iphone case- fabulous! I have something akin to this for my old ipod and may need to create something similar when my own iphone arrives very soon.
    My inspiration comes direct from you you know!
    GB x


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