Sunday, 24 January 2010

My Weekend in Pictures

So this was my weekend in pictures

:: there was flowers, lots of flowers, my house is brimming with red roses, tulips and lillies....

:: there was sewing...the front of my quilt is really taking shape...

:: there was chocolate brownie....yummy...

:: there was cosiness on the sofa with the latest fashion and home magazines

:: there was crochet..still behind on my granny-a-day challenge, oh well I'm only human and as we are told as kids "it's the taking part that counts"... I did crochet this lovely flower though, inspired by the beautiful flowers filling my house

:: all in all a good weekend


  1. What colourful photos! Your weekend looked to be a lovely one. You had time to work, relax and enjoy!!

  2. Hey I live in Surrey too! Lovely blog you have, pretty pictures and looks like you had a gorgeous industrious weekend. I'm just learning to crochet too! It's good fun isn't it!

  3. Did I miss an important occasion for all the flowers? There is nothing nicer than fresh bunches round the house - your roses look beautiful, including the crochet one! x

  4. No you didnt miss anything special....I'm just a very lucky lady :o)


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