Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Messenger Bag

It is no secret amongst friends and family that I am quite a shoe and handbag addict.

I can actually remember my very first proper handbag, I was about 6 years old and it was a red leather envelope clutch bag from Miss Selfridge I think (I really must see if I still have that although I would imagine it is somewhat smaller than I remember). I have vivid memories of taking this beautiful red bag on Saturday morning shopping trips although I have absolutely no recollection what I was carrying in it…no doubt change I had dubiously acquired from my parents. I have continued to grow my collection over the years and am lucky lady to own beautiful individual pieces from all over the globe. As if this wasn’t enough for one lady - bags are not my only weakness…I believe I have a slight glitch in my DNA which means I am physically incapable of passing a shoe shop without popping in for a quick look, my Dad actually warned R in his speech at our wedding that this is a genetic illness from which my Mum has also been suffering for many years.

I live by the moto that - a girl can never have all the shoes and handbags she needs for every outfit and occasion!

My love of big bags and towering heels has seen me totter through my twenties always well dressed and stylish, however, since reaching 30 my body has started to battle back. I can no longer do marathon days and nights in my 4” stilettos and my back and neck are physically rejecting my beautiful large leather handbags, however I understand I am not alone in this pain, the American Chiropractic Association has done a study which proves my experience is not isolated, as if we couldn’t have predicted apparently carrying an additional 10% of your body weight on one shoulder and changing your centre of gravity in heels wont do your back any favours. Things need to change…..

I’ve been carefully monitoring the handbag industry for about 20 years as a customer and I believe we are about to see a big movement from…

impractical, and frankly comical, oversized bag the sleek cross-body messenger bag

... infinitely more practical - I am ready to embrace and lead this change, although I’m not about to give up my heels just yet ….

I challenged myself to make a summery messenger bag to brighten up the grey winter and have come up with this rather funky design……I’m loving the bright colours and asymmetrical design….come on sun so I can break this out…

This isn't quite a Mulberry Messenger, but I'm sure it will see me through many summer BBQs all the same


  1. I like your bag. You're so talented. My mission this year is to learn how to knit or crochet. I'm opposite of you - I've given up on the heels but still have my big bag. (But then I need my big bag to hold all of my kids' junk.)

  2. I love the bag and don't think you need any sunshine to use it. Its bright and cheerful colours will compensate for the lack of sun we are having at the moment!!

  3. Marilyn - I'm trying with a messenger now, but end up with the overflow in a tote, not really what I was hoping for but at least it is a step in the righ direction.


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