Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Fashion dissection

As the UK has suffered antarctic-like temperatures recently my fellow residents have turned to all things woolly in an attempt to stay warm. We have been layering up the vests, jumpers and coats but I have been most interested in the hats, scarfs and gloves, in fact I have been struggling to focus on my book during my commute* 'cos I've been dissecting everyone's woollies.

I've seen everything recently from the more trendy slouch hats as sported by these ever fashionable ladies

to the less attractive and frankly crazy hats in rainbow colours and somewhat dubious styles.
Now I'm no fashion critic (although I do make a healthy contribution to the fashion industry each year) I have not been ogling these woollen-wonders to comment on the statement they are making....no....I have actually found myself dissecting woollies on people's heads and hands to see how they are made.....
.....knitted or crocheted.....
.....wool or acrylic.....
.....handmade or machine made.....
I reached a particularly low point on the way home last night when I had established a lady's had was made using treble crochet was actually counting the stitches in the round in an attempt to figure out the pattern.
I have to laugh really - where will this obsession with the hook lead me???


* I've just started reading the Twilight Series so I'm desperately trying to concentrate - loving it


  1. I'm on the third book in the series - addictive. Have had to stop my granny square crocheting on the tube for a bit ...

  2. I know - very addictive. If I could just ban all annoying people with loud headphones I would be merrily reading much more on the train


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