Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The snow has arrived

Wow... We'd been warned that the snow was coming and come it did. I've heard reports of 20cm in places, we've only about 6cm but it's enough to cause chaos and all the trains are cancelled

Can't get to work so day at home for me


  1. My family in London mentioned that they were having a snow-day. It looks very pretty!

  2. It's really funny here Marilyn - where you are I bet the world continues to work when the white fluffy stuff arrives....a whisper of snow here and the country grinds to a halt....but it does give us the occassiona snow day so I'm not complaining

  3. The reindeer in your garden was one of the few enjoying the snow yesterday.

  4. Actually you'd be surprised! I live in Vancouver, Canada, and we usually only get a couple of days of snow here each year. Our world grinds to a halt over here too. However, I grew-up in Northern British Columbia and most people up there think Vancouverites are very silly for freaking out over an inch of snow.


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