Saturday, 30 January 2010

Silver Jewellery Course - Class #2

Developing on the skills learnt last week we progressed to soldering at class on Thursday. I was a little nervous of this and had the beginning of flashdance passing through my head.....
Thankfully Liz (our tutor) didn't turn up the '80s tunes and pull out the face masks. No. What we were going to be doing was much less dangerous.
Like last week we started with a solid peice of silver, all shiny and straight....then having measured our fingers were had to cut this to the right length
Once cut......the silver had to be bent into a ring shape. Boy was this hard work, Liz did this in a matter of seconds on her demonstration peice the rest of us in the class spent about 40 minutes straining with various pillars, mallets and ring sticks until a round shape was achieved.
I was quite happy with this, honestly would have been happy to wear it, but we weren't finished yet....the blow torches and solder came out and off we went...
I was expecting some scary flame to be used but the tool was exactly the same as the blow torch I use on Creme Brulee...not scary at all...
So here is the almost finished article...

Don't worry this isn't finished yet.
The solder needs to be filed and maybe some bits touched up a little, and then of course I need to polish this to make it all shiny again.... so will show you the finished article next week

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