Thursday, 18 July 2013

Launch of #declutterday

You know the old saying "a problem shared is a problem halved"? well I had a moment which proved this earlier in the week. I was reading through the blogs I love on Bloglovin when I can across Catherine's post for Baby Genie about clutter getting her down. I felt the same. On Thursday evening we started exchanging comments on her blog about the fact we really must do something about this and bam....#declutterday was created. 

Don't get me wrong I'm not about to be featured on the hoarder next door, but this house is just full of too much stuff. Exactly a year ago we moved from our large 3-bed to a larger 4-bed house, I thought there would be plenty of space to house all our belongings but no, we are already creaking at the seams. Something has to change.

I think we all know the liberating feeling of packing light for your holiday and surviving quite happily for a week with only 2 pairs of short and a couple of t-shirts. If feels great, you don't feel weighed down by stuff and there are only simple choices to be made. This versus packing half your wardrobe and realising at the end of the week you haven't worn half the things you dragged halfway across the world thinking they were "essential" to a happy holiday. I'm always left feeling a little cross with my indulgent self in this scenario.

Well I want to get to the 2 pairs of shorts life style, and you are here to help me do it, I want you to work with me to declutter my house and in the process give me that liberating free feeling of a clear mind.

Clear House = Clear Mind

But I also want to make my decluttering pay... There is no doubt that clearing the clutter is my primary aim, but I do like a target to work to. To that end I thought I would see if I can fund the accommodation of our mega-huge-massive holiday to Disney through this decluttering and selling some of the items I no longer need. This means I need to make £950 in 6 months, eek

Clear home and a few extra pennies in the bank...wonderful news

Would you like to join Catherine and I in our quest for clear homes and a healthier bank balance? 

So the rules of #declutterday
  1. remove at least 5 items of clutter a week - these can be too the charity shop, eBay or the bin - it doesn't matter so long as the items are no longer in your home
  2. share your success - using the #declutterday tag on blogs, twitter and instagram
  3. grab the button below to let people know you are taking part and are aiming for a decluttered home
  4. no new clutter - i think this is going to be the hardest rule but it really is vital - no new non-esssential items to be purchased
So I will blog each Thursday about the items I've removed from my home I hope to eventually move to a clear home, and meet my target of funding part of our Disney trip by revealing Mickey Mouse as I go with the amount I've made from sales of stuff I no longer need

Why don't you join us? 

 Grab the button below for your blog and share your progress, leave me a comment to let me know you are taking part in #declutterday and I'll pop over to your blog to cheer you along. Good Luck!

Becca Lou Creates

Progress in week 1
I've got off to a mixed start this week

Charity - I took 3 large bags of clothes and home accessories including pictures and cushions to the charity shop this week, I cannot claim too much pride in this as the work to sort out these items had been done a long time ago, the bags were just sat in the garage waiting for a car ride...but now they have gone, hoorah!

eBay - a successful eBay week too - clothes and DVDs have been my focus, this week I've made £25.58, but I bought Suits Season 2 on eBay for £11.51, (I hope to sell this on when we have watched it so hope not to cost too much in the long run, I suppose it isnt really essential so you will have to forgive me).

So my running total is £14.07

My Mickey Reveal 
Looking rather pathetic after week 1

there is a long way to go.....


  1. You've made a great start! And I love the chart what a fab idea, let's stick at - Disney is a great incentive! X

  2. This sounds like a great idea. In February we moved from a 3 bed house to a 6 bed house! This is a project house and we are likely to be busy for a while moving walls and decorating and it will be much easier if we have fewer items. I got rid of a lot of things before we moved, but I know there is still a lot I could move out.

    Once we have finished the house, I am envisioning a 'show house' feel where our clutter isn't used as decoration!

    1. Kate - if you can join me in getting rid of stuff I'd appreciate the company and the joint support. It was when I realised we moved a year ago (10th July) and there were things I knew we hadnt used since the move that something had to be done. And I thought that car loads that went to charity and the tip before we moved would do the job.

      here's to working on our show homes x


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