Monday, 1 July 2013

Improved Cathedral Circle Quilt

After a weekend at Britmums Live and then a week on holiday I've had some withdrawal symptoms from not stitching or hooking something. I took this week off as holiday too, hubby is back at work and my son is in nursery so I have 5 days to myself *bliss*. I finally managed to finish the cathedral circle quilt I shared with you here, I originally made it 3 x 3 but when I saw it is didnt look quite right so I've added on 1 more row so its 4 x 3. Much happier with it now

Cathedral Circle Quilt

Must leave it alone now it is finished and stop fiddling! 

The home for this quilt is still being redecorated, will share the final resting place shortly 


  1. That is beautiful! I tried a cathedral circle quilt once, it went terribly wrong! I love all the different fabrics that you have used.

  2. Jennifer, oh no what happened?


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