Thursday, 25 July 2013

#declutterday week2

You may remember that last week I launched #declutterday

Becca Lou Creates

This was a joint effort with Catherine at Baby Genie; we pledged to support each other to clear out the clutter, we committed to removing at least 5 items each week.

I'm not a major hoarder, and I'm not looking to go minimalist, I just want a nice tidy home. Basically I have too much stuff

Progress this week
This week my clear has been a bit random, I'm not pleased with my performance to be honest, week 2 has been disappointing. My decluttering of random items which I've grabbed and decided to get rid it wasnt the clearing of a cupboard or draw leaving it sparkling and ordered which I'd been dreaming of. But it was progress none the less and therefore shouldnt be knocked too hard.

My home has been cleared of the following;

- a free magazine gift eye liner (I do my makeup on the train on way to work....I give eye liner a miss panda doesnt look good on me!)
- an osteopath cushion which never really worked for me and has been sat in the corner of the living room for too long
- some clothes bits nothing to write home about really
- some business books

Not a bad decluttering and well over the 5 item target, but I'm a bit disappointed at my random attack....this week my report reads

Must try harder

But.... I have made progress towards our holiday trip to Disney in January still a long way to go.

Have you managed any decluttering this week? How are you getting on? Have you got any tips for me to try in tackling my home?


  1. Well done, like you say, it's all progress! I find doing a little bit each day/week works better for me than a massive clearout, otherwise I am overwhelmed with all the things that I then have to get rid of!

  2. I've had a slow first week, but removed the required five items, but most importantly it has made me look at a room I've been ignoring for a while. Congratulations on increasing your monetary total, every penny is helping towards that trip.

    Here are the details of my first week


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