Friday, 5 February 2010

Jewellery course - class #3

This week's class was mainly used up finishing last week's ring project. So I started with this

There was no creme brûlée blow torch, instead we used what can only be described as a dentist's drill, thankfully without the high pitched squeal. The drill-like weapon was wrapped in sandpaper and used to polish the inside of the ring, it did a remarkable job. 2 minutes of whizzing and the inside of my ring was like a mirror. Unfortunately the outside was not so easy. Not sure why but the dentist drill couldn't be used on the outside think there was a danger of us accidentally polishing our fingers (and I thought the blow torch last week was dangerous). So old fashioned sandpaper and elbow-grease was the order of the day.

After much sanding I had the following which I was quite proud of. Let's face it, it has all the right ring qualities -
1. It's round
2. It's finger size
(I'm not the fussiest of ladies, I know my limits)

Not content with a plain band (oh no, you can buy those in any shop) I set off on a mission to customise. You might have to trust me here as the picture isn't great, I have battered my silver ring with a hammer to within an inch of it's life, I now has a mottled effect. I'm really quite pleased with project number 2

For those of you with super-duper eye sight you might have spotted a grey/purple area around the middle of this ring, apparently this is called fire-stain and is caused when heating the metal. This gives an unintentional colouring to the ring which I would never be able to replicate if I actually wanted to or know how to stop happening again, oh well I like it and that's all that matters.

So here is a sneak peek at next week's project....

as Rolf Harris would say "do you know what it is yet?"


  1. When will you be taking orders? The ring is lovely!

  2. I did an evening jewellery course too! At richmond college. It was fab I loved it and have all the tools still, soldering stuff is ace! Ring is great -shiny and silvery, very chic.

  3. Sarah - you actually have tools...I am impressed. Having said that there isnt too much we have used which isnt already available in my kitchen so might have a little go at home once all my classes have finished.

    Have you kept up the jewellery making?

  4. I make bridal headdresses so have kept it up a little but had a break since having my little baba! Have you checked out cooksons yet? You'll love it and probably spend a me.....!

  5. Sarah - thanks for the link to Cookson....its quite dangerous to look at it, lovely stuff but it does just proove that with not too much investment you can do impressive designs in your kitchen / garage.

    Am so impressed you actually make items for other people, have you got examples on your blog? would love to see them


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