Sunday, 7 February 2010

A-Granny-A-Day Update #3

I've been feeling a little under the weather this last week, so even though I've been on holiday from work (isnt that just typical !!) I havent done half the crafting I was hoping for. Thankfully R and I were planning a quiet week at home anyway so haven't wasted an expensive holiday abroad, still annoying though.... I've been resting for most of the week and not getting on with all the lovely things I had planned...

- I haven't touched my quilt

- I did make it to jewellery class which was good for a couple of hours on Thursday evening

- and I've only managed to make a handful of Granny Squares for my Granny a Day Challenge so here are some of the squares I've put together....

I've been concentrating on crocheting the smaller squares into families of 4 and will then stitch these families together. I'm aiming for 100 little squares and 25 families....still a way to go then

Back to work tomorrow ...

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