Sunday, 7 February 2010

By George she's done it...

After spending the morning interrogating and then amending HTML code I have finally done it....

I've got 3 columns, white back ground and my own photo at the top...not exactly ground breaking I know but I'm pleased none the less

phew this blogging lark is more stressful than I thought it would ever be...I'm off for a thoroughly deserved cup of tea now


  1. Think it looks fab but then I thought that from the start and not sure I can tell if anything has changed except the size of your top photo!! I do like your 'logo' x

  2. Yes size of top photo is tooooooo big right now...thats the next thing I'm looking into. Will be giving up banking and going into HTML programming at this rate

  3. Just read your above comment. LOL. That's how I felt after I messed around with my blog design the first time around (a few months ago). I learned so much about html that I thought I was ready to start a new career. I am gearing myself up for another redesign of my blog - it's much too cluttered in my opinion. We'll see what happens in a couple of weeks when I find the time to mess around with it.

    Like what you've done!

  4. it took me ages to sort the layout of mine,plus I had help from a techno geek!

    Looks good!


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