Saturday, 6 February 2010

New Blogger Respect

I've developed a large new found respect for all the amazing blogs out there. I don't just mean the interesting, inspiring and thought-provoking content - that's all great but I already knew you were a great bunch

No - I'm talking about the bits we as readers all take for granted...the layout and structure of the blog page.

I've literally spent HOURS today trying to amend the format of my blog. I'm no HTML coder so I've been hunting for a template I could seamingly simply download and use. I had a couple of criteria

1. 3 column

2. clean white or grey background

3. ability to upload own title photo

Either I've been looking in the wrong places (I was searching on google and am fairly IT literate) OR these are impossibly complex criteria as I've really struggled.

You might be able to tell from this page that I've managed to tick off at least 2 of the above, I'm not sure about item 3 as my computer has now decided it needs a break so am off to make dinner whilst it restarts!!

Watch out for potentially more changes and if you have any advice for me I'd really love to hear it

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