Sunday, 28 February 2010

Oh I do love...

... a really good sort out.

There's nothing like it really, sorting through a chest of drawers or cupboard, throwing things out, tidying up and more importantly discovering those hidden gems you had totally forgotten about.

It is one of these gems I want to share with you.

I customised this denim jacket about 7 years ago. I can remember those Sunday afternoons vividly, sitting in my London flat stitching on bugle and rocaille beads into shapes, which being me, I really didn't plan but I had an image in my mind and produced this flower beaded jacket which I still really love

I haven't really worn this jacket too much as I was always terrified that something would happen to the beads, silly really isn't it. I can't imagine that the jacket cost me very much at the time and the beads certainly wouldn't have cost much but the hours I spent on this means I was worried that some damage might come to it.

But with floral revolution taking place at London Fashion Week recently (see the pictures from the Christopher Kane show below) and the fact that I simply have to wear this more things have got to change

I still can't exactly imagine that I'll be wearing this on every trip to the supermarket but after its re-discovery today I'm certainly planning to show it the outside of my wardrobe and house a little more this spring and summer.

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  1. I cleaned out my closet this weekend too. Although I didn't find worth keeping - just worth donating.

    I think you should wear your jacket more! After all it's a shame that people can't see what you created if it sits in the closet.


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