Monday, 1 February 2010

Birthday Gifts

I've just had these new cross-stitch pictures back from the framer for a brief moment before packing them off to Newcastle as I made them with my Mum's Birthday in mind.

I wanted to share the finished article with you -

I used my earlier pieces as inspiration for these as you can clearly see, however, these pieces are considerably smaller and therefore much quick to make, although just to manage expectations there is still many weeks of work in each of these.

I have to say and I really pleased and proud of how they have turned out, I think they are great but guess I am a little biased ...


  1. They are lovely! Really striking. Inspired by Klimt?

  2. They are really lovely. The colours, the patterns and the designs are wonderful.

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies.
    Sarah - these weren't inspired by Klimt, the patterns came to me in one or many of my 3am insomnia sessions, but, yes, I can see the resemblance now you've pointed it out.


  4. Oh wow!!! These cross stitch gifts are just wonderful, Love the colors, and the design. Great idea!!!


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