Sunday, 29 September 2013

First attempt at bunting

I'm always a little apprehensive when trying something seemingly simple for the first time. I want it to be perfect and it rarely is. But this time....well I don't want to blow my own trumpet too much but, By George She's Done first attempt at bunting and I'm pretty chuffed

Hubby has started to run a monthly market stall and wanted to display his company name, I suggested making some bunting with his company name on.

I searched an awful lot of photos and articles before starting, there were loads of different techniques and shapes. But I'm a fairly traditional girl at heart so it was the classic triangles with patched letters for me.

Green and White Bunting

Now I was holding this post to show you a picture of my husband's market stall...well I went to my parents house this weekend with the little man. On Saturday morning I got a rather sheepish phonecall from my husband...he'd forgotten to pick up the after some 1/2 serious 1/2 joking swearing we laughed about it...

Green and White Bunting

So you will have to wait for an in situ photo next month... oh hum.... so pleased I worked late into the night to finish these on Wednesday before I disappeared for a long weekend on Thursday! LOL!

Green and White Bunting

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