Thursday, 19 September 2013

A is for Apple

I most certainly wouldn’t categorise myself as a fussy eater. In fact I’m more likely to say I love food a little too much.

There is a but coming...

But....I don’t eat fruit

I do eat strawberries and raspberries and cooked apple

But I don’t eat anything else

I’ve been like this for as long as I can remember

My Mum tells stories of me eating mashed banana as a child – my retort is that I was clearly force fed!

At school I used to have a red pepper in my lunch box whilst my friends had apples - yes I got some funny looks!

My son, however, loves fruit and I’ve been encouraging him to eat lots. We regularly have a fridge full of melon and a fruit bowl full of apples and kiwis

I don’t really know why but I’ve been thinking I need to sort this out for a while, I’ve been trying to loose a few pounds and failing miserably (partially due to all the illness in August and September). Whenever I do attempt a diet I always stumble across the same issue – other dieters can snack on fruit when they are hungry, filling up on strawberries and raspberries is an expensive business!


At work we have fruit Thursdays – so today the filing cabinet behind me was abundantly covered in a range of fruit. Embarrassed that I was personally eating the entire punnet of raspberries each week I only took a few this morning and I also selected an apple. A Braeburn apparently.....

This may not seem huge to you, you probably think I’m a bit silly! But it was a big step for me.

I decided I would take my boys out for dinner (pizza mmmm) if I ate the apple.....

It stared at me all morning from the corner of my desk

At first it was planned to be an 10am snack

Didn’t happen

Then 11am snack

No its still sat there looking at me....

Then I decided to have it as part of my lunch

Sandwich finished

Here we go


I’m doing it

I’m actually eating an apple

First bite tasted like I expected, a little juicier maybe and the skin was annoyingly thick (do they all have thick skins?)

I don’t like the skin

But I kept going

It leaves a bit of a sweet after taste – I like that

Its quite juicy really – that's quite pleasant

Well I managed over ½ the apple. I don’t think that is too bad, it's at least 30 years since I last ate one!

Feeling quite virtuous - but must not reward myself with a trip to the chocolate machine

I’m not sure I’m going to switch my diet immediately but hey that wasn’t quite as bad as I thought....well done my amazing little boy for inspiring me to eat this

Looking forward to my pizza dinner treat now

Well done me

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  1. Aww, I love apples! I also love all the other fruits though not keen on melon! Hope you enjoy the apple goodness and maybe try cutting it up into slices. Sometimes people just don't like the biting into it thing. I always used to have an staple cut up with slices of cheese when I was a kid. Might go back to doing that! Yummy


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