Saturday, 14 September 2013

Mosaic Bird Picture Craft Kit

All was quiet in the Becca Lou household on Friday night. The little man was fast asleep at 5pm after a hectic afternoon and a gently rocking car ride, we took him straight to bed and he slept through until 7am, can you imagine having 14 hours of sleep, how wonderful! I didn't really know what to do with myself to start with. Everyone is normally shattered and a little grumpy in this house on a Friday after a busy week, and most definitely in need of the weekend. 

I was faced with a child free evening and dinner already organised

Then I remembered while ago I'd bought a mosaic picture kit for a rainy day....ta-da! What a perfect treat for my quiet Friday night - organised and instructed craftiness...just what you need at the end of a long working week

I've never attempted mosaic work before but it was really easy and the results (well I think!) are great.

My kit was from a company called Rico Design - from what I understand from the box and the website they are a German company specialising in craft kits, I'd never heard of them but the kit looked a but different and I love to learn new skills so thought I would give it a go. 

The kit was to produce your own mosaic picture of a bird with the frame, glue and tiles included. I did need to find a small paint brush and tweezers to use too, but the process was simple enough. 

1. glue the pattern to the backing of the picture frame and let it dry

Rico Design Mosaic Bird Picture Kit

2. sort out the tiles into colours 
I nearly lost the will to live doing this! 
Tedious doesn't come close there were 256 tiles would it have killed the manufacturer to put them in separate bags? they had to count the tiles into the kit anyway! grrr! 
or maybe they don't count them....see later!!!

Sorting mosaic tiles

Sorting mosaic tiles

3. methodically cover the pattern in glue and stick on the tiles. I did 2 lines at a time as that was the thickness of my paint brush, it seemed to work

Mosaic Bird

I was a little annoyed as I got to the bottom on the picture and realised that there weren't enough white tiles in my pack!! 
Thanks Rico Design! 

I had to fill in the bottom 2 rows with red in the middle rather than solid white, and some of those white tiles were damaged - not covered in enough glaze etc. 

There are some things you expect when buying a kit and enough equipment to make the advertised finished result is one of them! 

Mosaic Bird

Husband said I should take the kit back to the shop, but I didn't keep the receipt and wasn't really sure what the shop assistant would do other than give me another kit. I honestly don''t think I could face sorting the tiles out in another kit to find that they might be wrong too! 

It wouldn't have been too bad if there were just a few more white than I could have made the bird some legs rather than an unfortunate dragging on the floor beer-belly which is what he looks to have now! 

Oh well very disappointing, but I guess only I would know that the pattern is wrong (can you keep a secret?) 

Mosaic Bird

Mosaic Bird

Mosaic Bird Picture

Without the obvious issue with tiles I thought the kit was great, it took me about an hour start to finish + 1 hour to dry before it can be hung. The repetition and order was relaxing and it felt creative at the same time. 

For now it is sitting on my craft desk until I decide where to hang it, but not sure I will ever be really happy with him. 


  1. I think it's sweet, but the tile issue must have been very frustrating! It sounds like a nice therapeutic way of spending a child free evening - bliss:-)

  2. the same is I
    I ve bought this design & also haven t enough white(((

  3. The same as I
    I also haven't enough white(((


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