Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Look what I got in the post....

I got a lovely email from Rico Designs following my attempt to complete their bird mosaic kit and finding that it didn't include the correct tiles. It was a lovely kit to complete but I was understandably left a little frustrated.

Well they offered to send me a replacement kit, and look what was in the parcel when it arrived

Not just a replacement for my beer bellied bird but also an extra bonus heart mosaic 
Rico Design Mosaic Picture Kit

Really looking forward to completing these 

This week is all about the little man's 3rd birthday on Sunday. Train cake to make, party and after party to plan and execute, my mind has been else where for the last few days. Its going to be his first proper birthday party I'm so desperate for it to go well. More about that early next week....train cake pictures I promise

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  1. So cute! Glad they gave you a replacement.


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