Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Campervan Bedroom Roman Blind

Have finally managed to get the camera out before my little man has gone to bed to get a photo of the roman blind I made for his room. 

Love this campervan fabric -so cute

Campervan fabric bedroom blind

I was a bit blonde when I was cutting it and did my measurements all wrong, was just having a seriously off day, managed to find some nice navy linen in my stash. Actually quite like it 2 tone, like to think it was a design statement but honestly it was to cover a mistake. Oh well no one will ever know, you wont tell will you!

I used blackout lining as the room is a bit of a sun trap and I would kill for a lie-in, he also has a set of curtains as the window is in an alcove. The curtains have blackout lining too, but he is still up at 6am every morning! I will be reminding the little man of this when he is a teenager and I'm struggling to get him to rise before noon! 

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