Friday, 4 January 2013

Roman blind part 1- the plan

So the mass renovation of our new home has started. New Year's Day was spent stripping wall paper from 2 rooms, thankfully the previous owners had bought expensive wallpaper and had it professionally installed, it pulled off like a dream, no need for straying or steaming, just pick at the corner and the whole strip peals off, awesome. The little man thoroughly enjoyed the destructive power bestowed on him and relished the opportunity to pull off paper literally running to and from the bin with a beaming grin on his face.

Whilst the destruction was fun the reality of the work ahead has struck me with excitement and nervousness. The window was previously covered with metal horizontal blinds (think 1980's office or school and you have the right image), infact we have the joy of these on all windows (yay!). Before we can redecorate fully we need to remove said blinds, but removal will leave us in a fish bowl so I need to have an alternative ready to go back up.

The plan is to make a roman blind

I've done my measurements and drawings but the toughest task so far appears to be selecting the fabric, I chickened out of going through the rails and rails of hanging fabric, I want a plain fabric and life seemed too short to wade through the racks.
The lady in the shop kindly allowed me to borrow these rainbows of samples, there has to be something here which works.

Need to order tomorrow, so tonight will be an evening of deliberation, and maybe a glass or two of wine to support the creative flow ;)


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