Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Granny Square Blanket

Just before Christmas (22nd December I think) I crystallised the colour theme for the spare bedroom at home. I've been pondering for months and couldn't quite visualise it so was reticent to start tearing up the wallpaper, but suddenly it all became clear, going to be a simple and clean theme of navy and white.

So the blind fabric is on order, the wallpaper is down, the paint is making its way from the tin to the walls in gradual evening bursts.

Once I'd clarified the theme I got started on making a small lap blanket to go in the room. I wanted something simple so this crochet giant granny square seemed the perfect idea

It's quite a cosy craft to complete over the dark winter nights, hooking up some crochet in front of the tv, or chatting with friends and family are the perfect evening for me.

I've kept the navy and white theme in the majority of the blanket but also added a touch of red from my stash for a splash of colour, I think it adds a cute touch.
The edging was a challenge, I wanted to keep the lines clean but wanted something a little more than a couple of rounds of double crochet. During my research I found this clever oh-so-simple edging by the expert hooky lady over at Attic24. This had created almost a ribbon effect around the edging which I'm loving.

So here is the finished article my giant granny square blanket

Hasn't quite made it to the spare bedroom yet, but its quite snuggly to be under whilst drinking tea and watching evening tv.


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  1. Love the blanket, and thanks for sharing that edging info


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