Thursday, 17 January 2013

Cute crochet collar

Whilst browsing for a ripple crochet blanket tutorial to help with my latest challenge I stumbled upon this ever so cute crochet collar on Lulu Loves I simply couldn't resist, it's just adorable.

I hunted through my yarn stash for some cotton, this navy cotton was perfect. I love cotton for accessories, it is firmer once the item is finished and with this sitting so close to my neck I find cotton wears better and is less likely to have me itching part way through a conversation.

And navy, well, it goes with everything!

You start the crochet collar with a chain which will form the top line of the collar. I used stitch markers (paperclips in my case) to mark every 10 stitches in the initial chain. I often get distracted during my crafting and have to quickly put my work down, I mark every 10 stitches so I'm not constantly counting and with 91 stitches in the initial chain counting would have been a bit of pain. I'm sure you can buy proper crochet stitch markers, paperclips work just as we'll and can generally be located loitering at the bottom of a draw!

The pattern consists rounds of increasing numbers of treble crochet and spaces which creates this scalloped edge design
Sewing in the ends, nearly finished

It only took me an hour or so, isn't it adorable? Ever so simple but ever so cute crochet collar


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