Sunday, 27 January 2013

Ripple failure - frogging

So I started my ripple blanket having done a quick trial as below, it all seemed straight forward really, I was feeling good about the challenge
I've learnt that you build the ripple in multiples of 14 so having built my chain of 16x14 = 224 I started on my first row of trebles increasing and decreasing every 4 regular trebles.
I got to the end of the first row and something was wrong....I didn't end on an increase as I should... Oh dear.... I battled on thinking I could in it in the next row...but I've had a little voice telling me that I'll always know I went wrong.
So I'm pulling out my one and a half rows of trebles (300ish i guess) and my 224's painful, am going to be more careful next time


  1. Sorry to hear you hit a roadblock. I haven't gotten past the basic knit stitch and I definitely can't crochet yet, so I'm of no use! Good luck!

  2. Jessica, thanks for the message - pleased to hear there are others out there struggling


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