Thursday, 8 April 2010

Funky Shrug

Hope you have all had a great Easter break, filled with lots of yummy chocolate and family time. I’ve had a lovely break from work and as it typically me I get very excited about all the chocolate and then never actually eat it, think I just like to anticipate it and look at the boxes on the mantel piece. I’ve broken into one but still have 3 more to go I expect I’ll crack (!!) this weekend and have a big chocolate covered smile

The major activity this weekend was shopping….as the sun continues to peak out from the cold winter clouds the time has come to ditch the winter woollies and update the wardrobe for spring so off to the shopping centre we went. Not a particularly successful shopping trip, mainly due to the number of people who seemed to have the same idea, urgh….

But I did stumble upon this rather interesting shrug….remind you of anything???

This is made from cotton crocheted granny-squares and I couldn’t help but see the similarity between this and my cross-stitch pictures….freaky resemblance actually.

I could have been tempted purely for entertainment value but the price-tag of £115 put me off slightly … I appreciate the work that will have gone into producing this but seriously £115 for a cotton shrug in a highstreet store you have to be kidding…. if I'm still tempted in a couple of weeks I'm sure I could figure out the pattern


  1. Ooh yeah, it does look like your cross stich pics! They're much better of course :)
    I can't beleive the price tag for something essentially made of granny squares! Xxx


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