Thursday, 22 April 2010


Thank you for the kind words wishing us a safe trip home, am happy to tell you we slept in our own bed last night. It was a long journey which included severe flight delays and a rather indirect route from Iceland to London which practically took us to Sweden, anyway we are home and by the look of the news we are certainly some of the lucky ones.

Not sure I've ever linked to a news story on this blog so forgive me if you find this a little strange, but I've always been a bit of a geology geek (a slightly regretted missed calling I think) and of course the events of the past week have only fuelled this urge to learn.

I've just read this great (but quite long) article on the Guardian website which explains that the current eruption is merely a baby compared to what has happened on earth before and some of the previous consequences, really quite fascinating if you are interested in this type of stuff.

Iceland volcano: why we were lucky we weren't wiped out

Just wanted to share.

I've got something else I want to share with you from Iceland but will have to wait till the weekend when I have some time to write to you in full.

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  1. As I mentioned on your post before last I considered being a vulcanologist and in fact studied towards that goal for two years before it occurred to me I was not likely to make much money as one. I read the article and remember learning about much of those eruptions. The destructive ability of the Earth is both fascinating and scary (speaking as someone who lives in an area that is long overdue for a massive earthquake). Glad you're safe and sound.


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