Friday, 30 April 2010

Retro Grow-Your-Own

Does anyone else remember the seed sprouters of the '80s?

I have vivid memories of a brown and clear plastic stack of trays on my parents' window-sill which we used to grow sprouts in for salads. Well I managed to find the same sort of thing in the local garden centre.

Loving the quick return on effort, I've never had too much patience with gardening, seeing a return in 2 years simply isnt for me.

These little seeds were planted at the weekend and I've been snacking on them for a few days now

Fun and a healthy snack what more could you want?

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  1. I do remember those! Although I'd completely forgotten about them until now. We used to grow alfalfa sprouts in them. I haven't seen anything similar over here...but I'd be willing to pick them up if I did run across one. I always thought they were cool


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