Thursday, 24 October 2013

Stash-busting #declutterday

This week I turned my attention to my fabric stash for #declutterday. There are piles of fabric bought a long time ago with bygone projects in mind still loitering at the bottom of my fabric draw. It was time to sort it out. I'm pleased to report that I removed 7 large pieces of fabric from the draw and have now sold them on eBay. 

 Whilst I still like the designs I don't have a project in mind and as I haven't used them yet and I really going to?

declutterday stash busting

Some of these were large pieces so I chopped a little bit off if there was a small pattern I could use in patchwork and sold the rest.
There's no harm in keeping a little bit is there?

Made a few pennies too

Although I'm going no where near quickly enough to make my target of £950 in the next 11 weeks! 
Oh dear! 
There just aren't enough hours in the day

My pockets might not be getting richer but at least my house is getting clearer! 

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