Sunday, 6 October 2013

Birthday Party and Train Cake

This week I turned into a professional party organiser. My little boy was 3 today. 21 toddlers descended on a local soft play for an hour of craziness followed by some lunch.

I decided to make the birthday cake rather than buy, the bought ones always look so pristine but I have really fond memories of the cakes my Mum would make for my birthday parties and I wanted to continue the tradition. 

Train Birthday Cake

Quite chuffed (if you will excuse me for saying so) about how this turned out
A kinda cool train cake, and the little man loved it which is really all that matters
I used a train tin for the shape so will take no credit for that but I did the icing myself...after a quick lesson from my Mum I was off

Train Birthday Cake

The lucky little man got lots and lots of presents...think we will be spreading these out over the week, and this doesn't even include family gifts!

Birthday Presents

No crafting for me this week but certainly been busy, as I tuck myself up in bed super early tonight I will be dreaming of having a few minutes to craft in the coming week

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