Monday, 28 October 2013

Using up my stash - Vintage Teacup Candle Tutorial

The general consensus when I admitted my addiction to purchasing candles (which I don't then use) was to turn them into teacup candles for gifts. I found some great vintage teacups in a market a couple of weeks ago and then today I have finished the candles. Yay! I have Vintage Teacup Candles!

I read a few reviews and tutorials before I started and wanted to share what worked for me 

You will need
Candle wicks
Candle wax - I melted down old candles
Teacup Candle Tutorial

Tip - you may also want to purchase a cheap saucepan and wooden spoon - the cleaning afterwards isn't pleasant. I spent £1.75 on a pan and then recycled it with other metals at the dump

1. Prepare the Wax 
As I was using part used candles I cut them down into chunks before melting.
I've got quite a candle stash so selectively removed any dark sections of candles and then used a knife to shave these into sections. 

Teacup Candle Tutorial

Teacup Candle Tutorial

TIP - I found a smooth blade much easier to use than a serrated one

2. Prepare the Teacups
I purchased prewaxed wicks with sustainers so they stood in the teacups without needing sellotape across the top

Vintage Teacups for Candles

3. Melting the Wax
This was the bit I was most nervous about. I read reviews of wax bursting into flames and that got me scared. The safest method seems to be melting wax in a small pan which is resting in a larger one filled with water

I used a really low heat - my hob has settings 1-9, I used setting 3
The water was just touching the bottom of the small pan and wasn't simmering or bubbling at all

The wax melted really quickly. Very soon I had liquid wax with lumps of wax icebergs gradually melting

Melting Wax for Tea Cup Candle

TIP - you can add essential oils at this stage

4. Making your Candles
Once you have enough melted wax pour it into the teacups - a little first to secure the wick in place and then fill up to the required amount. 

Vintage Teacup Candle

 Leave to cool whilst you feel smug and enjoy a well earn cup of tea!

And here are the finished articles....aren't they adorable and what a perfect low cost Christmas / Birthday gift
Vintage Teacup Candle

Vintage Teacup Candles

I hope you found this tutorial useful - please let me know if you've made some Vintage Teacup candles

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial, I've seen candles like these but didn't realise it was so straightforward. Where do you get the wick/stabilisers from? I shall see if I can find some nice teacups and saucers from any local thrift shops and try this out.


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